Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Field Trip

Dear Readers,
A few weeks ago I went picnicking to a local park, which had a large grassy field that had lots of flowers and another part that was not grassy, but had animals that you'll see later. I went there with my dear brother, two good freinds, a faithful cousin and my other cute cousin (cute because he is only two years old). Some parts of the field were not delightful because the horses use the field as their bathroom (you'll see what I'm talking about later).

I saw two fields, and here is one of the two huge fields:

Pretty big isn't it. Well guess what, I ran from one side of that field to the other side and back! It was bigger, but it was so big that I couldn't take a photograph of all of it.

The other field is smaller, but it's still too big to take a photo of all of it.

Here is the other smaller field:

I didn't go on the small field so much, so I'd rather talk about the big field. On the big field we had so much fun like; we played tag, catch, we played whomever's fault it was who dropped the ball would get tickled, and I ran from one side of the field to the other.

After all of that, my brother, my friends, and I went up the hill to see these (none of my cousins came):

In conclusion, it was hard to leave my friends, but today they are coming to my house! Yaaahhh! This is a happy ending.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today I saw numerous flowers in my garden that I usually don't see in my backyard or front yard. I saw many flowers, but my favorites are the blue ones.

                                                  This is one of the blue flowers that I  was interested in . I 
                                          found these flowers right after my sprinklers turned off.
                                           These two sprung out from my front yard.

These are some orange flowers that I found in my
backyard. The orange flowers were so little that I
didn't notice them until my basketball went in the grass,
and when I ducked down to get it that was when I 
saw them. 

                                                  I see this flower very often. I saw this guy in my
                                          backyard. I bet you see these a lot in your backyard
                                                                    because I do.
                                                  These I see them not too much and not to little each
                                          year. This reminds me of shamrocks, but this flower
                                          is yellow.
                                                  This is another yellow flower that was found in my
                                          backyard. When I see these I think of yellow
                                          These I see like 3 times a year. These are very rare in
                                          my backyard, so I try to never step on them.
                                          I like these a lot because this is one of my favorite
                                          colors. That is because the blue flowers are my

         Do you see any of these flowers in your

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Welcome to my blog. In this blog I will be talking about exciting things that happens to me.

I enjoy many different hobbies. First of all, I like playing basketball. I even have a class after school and I enjoy it a lot. My favorite position is a point guard. A point guard is a person who brings it up court.

Photo by Mrs. Yollis
Secondly, I like to play on my iPod. An iPod is a device that you play games that you download. My favorite games are called Minecraft, Chop Chop Runners, and Dragonvale.

Third is Chess and I play with my little brother. My favorite piece is the queen because you can almost move it any where. 

Photo by Royce

I will post more about what happens in my life soon.

Do you share any of my hobbies?

How do you like blogging?