Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Field Trip

Dear Readers,
A few weeks ago I went picnicking to a local park, which had a large grassy field that had lots of flowers and another part that was not grassy, but had animals that you'll see later. I went there with my dear brother, two good freinds, a faithful cousin and my other cute cousin (cute because he is only two years old). Some parts of the field were not delightful because the horses use the field as their bathroom (you'll see what I'm talking about later).

I saw two fields, and here is one of the two huge fields:

Pretty big isn't it. Well guess what, I ran from one side of that field to the other side and back! It was bigger, but it was so big that I couldn't take a photograph of all of it.

The other field is smaller, but it's still too big to take a photo of all of it.

Here is the other smaller field:

I didn't go on the small field so much, so I'd rather talk about the big field. On the big field we had so much fun like; we played tag, catch, we played whomever's fault it was who dropped the ball would get tickled, and I ran from one side of the field to the other.

After all of that, my brother, my friends, and I went up the hill to see these (none of my cousins came):

In conclusion, it was hard to leave my friends, but today they are coming to my house! Yaaahhh! This is a happy ending.

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  1. Dear Parsa,

    What a fabulous park you visited! Is it a state park or is it a private park? The picture of the horse was terrific. Did you take it? I wonder what kind of a horse it is? Can people ride the horse?

    I enjoyed reading about the fun you had with your family. I noticed you used some fantastic adjectives like faithful and dear. You are a wonderful writer.

    Your photographs are magnificent! Did you take them?

    I recommend that you put some text below each photo so we can learn more from the images. I can help you on Monday if you need some assistance.

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis